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Best Oil For High Mileage Engines-

Most vehicle manufacturer's recommend specific types of motor oil when a vehicle is new. It's suggested to use a slightly thicker oil motor as the engine ages because newer engine usually have tighter engine internals that require the use of thinner grades of motor oil. Alternately, high mileage engines often need a tad thicker grade of oil because they are more prone to wear.

The advantage of the thicker oil is that it helps to keep the motor at the optimum compression levels. Synthetic motor oils are rarely a good choice for engines with a lot of miles. The thin nature of synthetic oil allows it to creep through small crevices, thus causing leaks. Also, do not be surprised if a modest amount of blue smoke starts to emit from the tailpipe.

One popular type of motor oil is a synthetic oil that is specially made for high mileage engines. These motor oils, such as Amsoil, are engineered to help extend the life of your car or truck. At Dr. Detail in Galveston, we offer several quality choices for older cars. Stop by and ask Dr.Detail what would be best for the long term service of your car or truck.

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Is Detailing Your Car's Engine Helpful-

Detailing your car's engine can greatly extend the life of your vehicle. While most people don't realize it, the engine is the most important part of the vehicle to keep clean. Prevention of oil and dirt buildup on the exterior of the car's engine is very important. These types of buildup can cause severe deterioration; especially to the engine's hoses. Dirt that is drawn into the interior of the engine from the outside can cause major damage and shorten the overall life of the vehicle; especially when it gets into the inlet manifolds of the car.

One of the great overall benefits to detailing your car's engine is that it greatly improves the overall resale value of the car. Car buyers are becoming more and more savvy about the condition of used vehicles; especially the area located under the hood. Nothing says bad condition like an engine that's covered in dirt, grime and grease. When someone runs their finger over the exterior of the engine, they are specifically looking for how clean the engine is; don't disappoint them. Engine detailing should be done by a professional.Contact Dr. Detail, your No 1 rated auto repair service in Galveston for best practices for keeping your engine clean.

How To Save Money On Repairs-

If you start to realize that you are bringing your car in for service more than previous years, it's common to put off minor repairs for various reasons. Usually, price is the contributing factor for delayed auto maintenance. Please think about this... the longer you wait, the worse the problem could get and most likely have a more costly repair bill.

One way to save money is to ask the repair service if a good certified used part is available. You'll want to be confident these used parts are sound and there is a warranty.

Many times payment plans are available and some auto repair shops might be willing to work with you. You just have to ask.

Another way of saving on auto repairs is to join Dr. Details Membership Club and take advantage of the special discount and offers that are included. Call 409-740-7500 for details.

How Often Should I need a Tune Up-

Having scheduled tune-up's benefit you by saving you money in the long run. It's a fact that routine maintenance will save you money and extend the life of your vehicle.

Your service manual suggests maintenance at certain mileage levels, but in the real world, you should always ask your mechanic if there is a better plan to service your car or truck.

Tune-up's vary with the age of your vehicle and older cars need service more often than newer models.

Newer cars have computers that will sense and let you know if you have an engine problem. Most times you'll be warned when your "Check Engine" light comes on. Don't be too worried, but don't put off having your car checked.

At Dr. Detail's auto service center in Galveston, most cars are checked for FREE. There are some other makes that require additional time and might cost you some money, but the best thing you can do when you see your "Check Engine" light on is to bring your car and have us run the diagnostics. You can even call us and make an appointment and we will pick up and deliver your car at no charge.

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